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spell casting, full moon, tarot reading, psychic reading, baby reading, pregnancyAs well as psychic baby readings, pregnancy journey readings and tarot readings I have been casting spells for decades to help many thousands of men and woman all over the world.

My strongest spells are generally carried out when there is a full moon. Please click here for the next full moon wherever you are in the world. However I am now able to offer my new 24/7 spell casting service. This means for just £12.50 I can cast a spell of your wish which may be to improve, fertility, pregnancy, work, happiness health, happiness or whatever you would like.  I am known worldwide for being a first class fortune teller and gave my first correct conception prediction more than three decades ago. 

My spell casting is world renowned and are known to be the most powerful and successful spells carried out by anybody.

All you need to do get your spell cast is purchase yours below and provide the required information. I will then email you a 'Power Word' once the spell has been cast (this is normally within 3 working days). The power word is your confirmation that your spell has been cast. It also acts as an affirmation to seal and activate your spell.

If you would prefer a full moon spell to be cast on your behalf, you have this option here too. The full moon spell is the most powerful spell there is and the success rates are astounding.Full moon dates. Your spell will be cast under a full moon and you will notice the changes immediately.

Full Moon Power Spell

Full Moon Power Spell
Another chance to get a powerful full moon spell. The spell of your choice will be cast under the full moon on your behalf by psychic Suzy. The full moon spell is the most powerful spell there is and the success rates are astounding. Don't be surprised if you notice big changes in your life immediately. Once purchased, please email me your full name and date of birth as well as details of exactly what you would like me to concentrate your spell on to It may be for love, luck, fertility, wealth or anything you wish. I will email you a power word the day following the spell casting.
Price: £20.00
Click here to view next full moon date 

New Moon Wish Spell
New Moon Wish Spell
The new moon is a time of new beginnings. It is customary to make a wish to the new moon. As the new moon grows so does the fulfilment of your wish. This is the time to plant a seed of what you want in your life. I use herbs, crystals and candles customised to your spell requirements when performing the ritual.
Price: £10.00

24/7 Power Spell of your choice

24/7 Spell Casting
With my 24/7 spells you can have the spell of your choice cast by Psychic Suzy. I can concentrate this spell on absolutely anything you wish. Maybe you need a change of luck, you want to find love, a change in finances, a career change or even to help with an illness. Please email your full name, date of birth and full details of the spell you would like me to cast. Please be as specific as possible as this will aid the spell when I cast it for you. Email your details to You will receive a power word from me in your inbox once spell has been cast. Please use this power word in your everyday life once received when possible to aid the spell. Usually completed within 3 working days. Love & Light x
Price: £12.50


Please email the following information to once you have purchased your spell;

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your choice of spell to be cast

You will receive your power word and confirmation that the spell has been cast on completion.

As required by UK Law I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age and older to purchase my services.

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