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Fertility Gemstones Reading
baby reading shop, suzy rayne, baby reading, conception reading, buy baby reading, buy conception reading, psychic reading, buy psychic reading, psychic baby reading, psyhcic conception reading, shopIf you're looking for a little something extra special with your reading then why not treat yourself to a baby reading gemstone package. 

I am known worldwide for being a first class fortune teller and gave my first correct conception prediction more than three decades ago. 
As with my regular baby readings, you will be told the following information;

The month and year that you will conceive

The gender of your baby

Baby's due date

How many other children you will have

I will also send you three gemstones in the post to aid your fertility. Throughout thousands of years of history, people from all over the world have called on the healing powers of certain gemstones and crystals - particularly to enhance fertility.

From the earliest days of biblical times, to ancient civilizations, from the mysteries of the Chinese culture to the secrets of Native American healing, certain natural gemstones and crystals have emerged as playing a role in helping women conceive.

The Fertility Spell I offer to personally cast on your behalf uses very gentle but powerful energies. The Magic Spell will surround you in positive healing energies that should allow, (if the Universe decrees) a healthy conception, pregnancy and childbirth. The Fertility Spell will also rid negative energies that may be surrounding you and preventing you acquiring the most treasured gift of a beautiful baby!

Fertility Gemstones Baby Reading Deluxe Package
Please note this is UK only. Get in touch for rest of the world prices before purchase

Fertility Gemstones Deluxe Package
For just £19.50 this superb offer gets you a psychic baby reading (normally £10), a fertility spell (normally £12.50) and 3 fertility gemstones - 1 x rose quartz, 1 x moonstone & 1 x carnelian (normally £4 each). See My fertility gemstones page for descriptions. That's a saving of £15! Your baby reading and notification of your spell being cast will be emailed to you within 3 days. Your gemstones will be sent first class to your home address with free postage (UK only). Once purchased please email the following info to - yours and your partners full names and dates of birth, any other children & ages, first day of current cycle and whether you're currently trying to conceive.
Price: £34.50 £19.50

 A Rose Quartz Fertility Gemstone
Please note this is UK only. Get in touch for rest of the world prices before purchase
Buy a Rose Quartz Gemstone
One rose quartz fertility gemstone with free delivery
Price: £5.00 £4.00

How it helps

Promoting sexuality and planned reproduction.

Stimulating, balancing and healing  the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix and vagina.

Alleviating premenstrual syndrome.

Normalizing the menstrual cycle.

Rebalancing  reproductive hormones.

Inducing creativity and reducing inflammation that might otherwise block or reduce blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Rose Quartz Fertility Gemstone Key Ring £5
Please note this is UK only. Get in touch for rest of the world prices before purchase

Rose Quartz Fertility Gemstone Key Ring
Brand new in stock I have a lovely rose quartz key ring which has 2 main purposes. Firstly it attracts love and secondly it is renowned for aiding fertility if kept close to you at all times. Your rose quartz will be delivered by royal mail free of charge. UK only.
Price: £10.00 £5.00

Once you have purchased your fertility gemstones package you will need to provide me with some basic information for your reading;

  • Email address & postal address
  • Full name of you, and your partner (if applicable)
  • Date of Birth of you and your partner
  • Any children that you may already have (include names and ages)
  • First day of current cycle
  • If you are currently trying to conceive

As required by UK Law I must state that this is for entertainment purposes only. You must be 18 years of age and older to purchase my services.

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